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Dedicated to a Premium Concrete Flooring Process

At Atlas Coatings, we’re dedicated to providing our customers in Greenville County with premium concrete floors that last a lifetime. No job is too big or too small for our team. We even repair failed concrete and epoxy flooring. Our expert technicians follow a systematic, time-tested application process to guarantee that your floor bonds and adheres properly and remains strong and beautiful for decades to come. Our superior products and proven application process ensure that our floors outperform the competition. Keep reading to learn more about our process and discover why we’re South Carolina’s premier choice for high-end, professional floor coatings.

Atlas Coatings’s Process in South Carolina

 Our step-by-step concrete flooring process ensures durable, beautiful flooring. Our concrete flooring process includes:

Step 1: Preparation

Preparation is crucial to ensure the concrete bonds properly. Our certified installation teams have the experience and equipment to easily complete this task. They will remove the old surface with our state-of-the-art, diamond-blade floor grinders, and our integrated vacuum systems create a smooth surface that is clear of dust and debris.

Step 2: Repair Cracks

We use our patented menders and fillers to repair any cracks or other damaged areas on your existing floor. We do this to ensure your new floor is installed on the smoothest surface with the fewest possible imperfections.

Step 3: Apply Basecoat

The first coat of our strong, self-priming Polyurea is applied. This layer bonds the coating to the floor with maximum adhesion, ensuring that it won’t ever peel or raise, even if exposed to intense pressure, dramatic temperature changes, or harsh chemicals.

Step 4: Flake & Design

After the basecoat, the vinyl flakes are spread across the floor, creating a pleasing texture and attractive appearance. The flakes are available in various colors and designs to best suit your tastes.

Step 5: Final Preparation

Once the basecoat cures, we scrape and collect any loose flakes to create a perfectly textured surface in preparation for the topcoat.

Step 6: Apply Topcoat

The final step is applying the clear, glossy topcoat. Our polyaspartic topcoat is 100% antibacterial and UV stable and will be completely ready for action in just 24 hours.

Trusted Flooring Coating Process

Atlas Coatings’s extensive coating process is crucial to the life and health of your flooring. Our team understands that an improperly prepped floor ensures failure. While many homeowners and commercial companies try to apply coating themselves, they usually don’t have the correct tools and techniques for a successful coating process. Our process is tested with time for optimal results. You receive the highest quality coating backed with stellar customer service from our technicians. We offer free quotes on our flooring projects.

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