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Floor Coatings vs. Epoxy & Paint in South Carolina

At Atlas Coatings, our floor coatings provide South Carolina residents with the highest quality coatings. We’ve seen countless failed epoxy jobs because the epoxy coating is not meant to last more than a few years. Epoxy coating is a maintenance coating intended for indoor coatings instead of a permanent solution. Without constant upkeep and annual reapplication, epoxy floors get brittle, chip, crack, fade, and yellow over time. Our coatings ensure your flooring finishes get stronger over time and are flexible enough to never chip or peel. Our coating’s 100% UV stability guarantees they won’t fade or yellow.

floor layers diagram

Benefits of Premium Floor Coatings

Our premium floor coatings last longer and look better over time than epoxy or painted flooring. The most significant advantages of premium floor coatings include:

  • Appearance –Atlas Coatings floor coatings are offered in many unique colors and styles to fit any home or office décor.
  • Resistance – Our premium floor coatings are built to withstand heat, chemicals, bacteria, water, shock, and heavy weight.
  • Durability –The chemical bond between our floor coatings is so strong that it lasts for decades without fear of cracking or peeling.
  • Versatility– The industrial strength factory-warehouse coatings can be used in any type of residential or commercial property.
  • Easy Maintenance –The texture of floor coatings ensures debris, bacteria, and contaminants don’t adhere to it for easy maintenance.

Floor Coating Backed by an Industry-Leading Warranty

If you’re unhappy with how your epoxy floor has aged, Atlas Coatings is here to help. We’re proud of our attractive, durable flooring. We can install your floor coating in one day with an industry-leading warranty. We use stylish, durable vinyl flakes that create a stunning surface. You can choose from countless colors and designs to ensure you get the look you love. Contact us today to receive a free estimate. We’re confident our high-end coating systems are the superior choice for your next coating project.

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